About us

SHAILVIK METAL is a Aluminium gravity die casting unit of Bhosle Business Group .
With state of the art infrastructure and technology under one roof from designing , die making up to finish product with the components ranging from 0.5 kg to 50 kg.

SHAILVIK METAL is involved in design , development and production of the precision aluminium casting and alminium alloy castings , Aided by the latest foundry tools and simulation softwares , We have capabilty to design and development aluminium castings in a speedy and effiecient manner.

SHAILVIK METAL has well developed and implemented Quality Managment System and is awarded ISO 9001-2000. , We routinely meet the most demanding casting quality requirments for diamensional tolerance , strength , vaccum and presssure tightness.Our main goal is to provide each of our customers with quality castings and machining solutionin a timely and cost effective manner.